BLØMSTERDRØM signature (danish) adventskrans 2021

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If there’s anything that has filled the instagram feed and magazines this year, it’s paper flowers. Therefore, it was not difficult to design this year’s Advent wreath 2021.

BLOMSTERDRØM signature Advent wreath is built around colored reindeer moss in the colors red, pink, and coral and matching lacquer candles from Ester & Erik. The paper flowers are designed in collaboration with danish brand Almejaspace.

BLOMSTERDRØM signature Advent wreath is made in very limited numbers and each one completely unique.
Therefore, the paper flowers, moss and candles will vary in expression.

The Advent wreath can be saved for next year.
We look forward to designing a completely unique Advent wreath for you.
If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact us by email or telephone.